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Thought For The Week 27 August

Whatever your political persuasion is there can be little doubt that this election season suddenly became very interesting with the resignation of various leaders. National looked like they were sleep walking into this election but have been jolted awake by the “Jacinda effect”; the Greens  mis-calculated the effect their co-leader’s discloser of benefit and election fraud years ago and even Mr Steady, Peter Dunne called it a day seeing the futility of fighting  another election.

I love elections. I like that we get to participate in the choosing of our government and the accountability politicians have to the people. I know some get cynical about  politics on the back of broken promises and unrealistic expectations but if you think about it, so much of what we hold dear in this country – peace, law and order,  prosperity, health care, education etc- is down to policy and that is determined by the government. So please exercise the hard won freedom you have to vote this election.

Having said that, the great Christian confession is “Jesus is Lord”, which is to say he is the ultimate authority to which governments, dictators, principalities and powers and individuals will be accountable. He became Lord not by winning a popular  election but by rising from the dead, defeating death and securing eternal life. He is our hope and he will not disappoint.



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