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Thought For The Week 23, July


Well what a busy week it’s been! The Landlubbers holiday programme at St Stephen’s saw around 50 children over the 3 days learning about the changed life Saul, who became Paul, had after encountering Jesus. This programme really brought out the creativity in those who helped make it happen. Some amazing craft projects were made- floral ships, driftwood gardens, lighthouse dioramas to name a few. Some creative story telling; Rory took on a new persona in the form of Captain Book, pulling off a half decent West country accent. Each day a small group of children produced food to take home- sausage roles, parfaits, pirate biscuits and more.

None of this would be possible without the enthusiastic support and effort from all those who helped- whether in up front roles or behind the scenes, everyone was needed and we applaud you all. But I’d like to make special mention of Catherine Richardson who did so much work to pull this off (believe me, I know!). She provided brilliant leadership and vision for this event and skillfully wove all the elements  together. Well done Catherine.

Today at St Stephen’s we have the joy of baptizing Hayley and Ashley Chang.         Welcome to the family of God!



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