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Thought For The Week 25th June Brent

Isn’t it good to see the work going on around our worship sites? It’s worth stopping to take stock of this:

Trinity Hall Community centre:

New roof going onto the kitchen and side rooms, corridor to

fix the existing leaks.

New super efficient LED lighting in the hall. These will be very

bright but also dimmable.

Mitigation work to prevent flooding in the basement

Repainting the exterior wood work and roof.

St Stephen’s:

Repainting the exterior of the hall (roof to be done in spring)

Insulation in the church roof space (including foyer)

Heat pumps in the church.     New chairs (arriving in July)

New carpet for the stage and foyer (and possibly the office).


Some might question why we are going to all this expense. One reason is that we are committed to being a 2 site parish, with a presence in Gleniti and Parkside. This  extends our reach and enables us to offer different services in each place. Another reason is to glorify God by caring for the resources he has given us. A third reason is to send a message to the watching community that we believe in God’s plans for our church and this city. That we do have a future worth investing in. Of course there is a lot of ongoing work to be considered, but this is a great start.


Blessings, Brent.


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