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Thought For The Week 3 October 2021

I bring you greetings from the General Assembly!

As many of you will know, General Assembly 2020 was cancelled because of the COVID pandemic.  Then, the rescheduled Assembly that was due to be held this week also had to be curtailed. As a result, the urgent business of the Assembly was conducted over Zoom this week, with a Special Assembly to be held in April next year to cover the more substantive matters.

This Assembly was special for us in Alpine Presbytery, and especially for us here in Timaru, as the incoming Moderator, the Right Reverend Hamish Galloway, began his ministry and was ordained as minister of St. Stephens here in Timaru.  Hamish’s theme for his moderatorial term is “Empowering Generations”. He leads us with the insight that it is when we dare to cross generational and other cultural boundaries that we step into the new life that God has in store for us.  He also brings the challenge that empowering others is only possible when we are willing to put others first, and put our own needs on the back burner. I wonder what might be different in our parish life if we put this principle at the heart of all of our decision making?

The keynote speaker was Rev. Theresa Cho, of St. John’s Presbyterian Church in San Francisco, whose journey into intergenerational ministry has stretched and grown her ministry and her congregation to grow across other boundaries too. She challenged us to develop a rich and complex faith that creates space – physical, emotional and  spiritual – for others to encounter God through Christ.


Many blessings,

Rory Grant

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