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Parish Council Update

Here is the latest news from our Parish Council meeting held online via Zoom on Wednesday 1 April 2020.


The Rev. Rory Grant was our Moderator and he welcomed members to a new way of having meetings via video (ZOOM) most of us got it!
He called on Lois for Devotions. She read from Matthew 21:1-11

In our reading this Sunday we see Jesus entering into Jerusalem on a donkey,The crowed cheered but Jesus new what was ahead of him and what he was riding into: his death.
We are aware that as a nation we are going into a lock down and we knew that it wouldn’t be easy but the good news is that just as Jesus rose again we will come through this,
Lois quoted from Joy Cowley her poem “The Bulldozer”she felt that this poem describes it well,
Those of you who are familiar with Joy Cowley may know the poem that Lois referred to, Lois followed her devotion with prayer.
Matters arising from the minutes:
Police check forms have been handed out to Parish Council members to fill in but won’t be collected until after the lock down.
Re: PCANZ, Moderator Elect nominations along with General Assembly have cancelled for this year and will be held September/October next year,
There was quite a lot of Correspondence about Covid- 19 most of which was carried over to next meeting.
The TPP church services during the lock down will be held via  video link through our church website, www.timarupres.org.nz, and our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/timarupres
Parish Councillors and Elders have been allocated members of the church TPP to ring and check on there well being and any needs they may have.
It is noted that the staff are all working from home during the lock down.
Rory commented on our first Sunday video link and felt that it was quite a success and he felt that about 60 viewing connected.
Brent thanked Rory for his in put in setting up the video link not only for the church service but also for video meetings with in the church, Brent mention that it had been a steep learning curve for him,
Meeting closed at 8-45 pm with Rory thanking members for their input.

Jim Garden

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