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Thought For The Week 1 December 2019

We have come around to the Advent season again.

Advent is the time of the year when we pause to reflect on the gifts that are given to us through the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Through him we have been given hope that stretches beyond our current circumstances.  Peace that passes all understanding.  Joy that transcends our sorrows.  Love that fills and fulfills our being.

And yet, somehow, instead of slowing down and enjoying this time of reflection and anticipation, we find ourselves rushing faster and faster towards the end of the year.

Marie Kondo has created fame for herself by asking of her possessions, “Does this spark joy?”  This season I encourage you to take a leaf out of Marie’s book and as you go about the busy-ness of life, ask yourself these questions:

“Does this bring hope?”, “Does this nurture peace?”, “Does this spark joy?”, “Does this serve love?”

For as we ask these questions, and allow our lives to be moulded in His Way, then we  prepare ourselves for the coming of the King, for the fulfillment of our lives.


Rory Grant

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