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Weekly Notices 10, June 2018

Mission Project:  Bucket Mission and the Retiring Offering last week raised $239 for the Eat Well Fruit & Vege  Co-op.  Many thanks to all who donated. The Community Club:  Meet each Tuesday, 1.30-3.30pm at 349     Wai-iti Rd for Cards 500, Indoor Bowls, Scrabble & Art.  New members welcome. Contact:  Sid & Hazel 684 3478. […]

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Thought For The Week 10, June 2018

Welcome to our services of worship today. Last week Rory kicked off our Care for Creation series looking at our mandate from scripture to be good stewards of God’s creation. He left us with a provocative question; are we doing a good job of this? If you missed it you can listen to his message […]

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Worship Duty Roster 10 June 2018

College Road     Worship site Bible & Vestry Elder:  Ken Linscott Bible Reader:  G/B Prayers for others:  G B Chaplin Data: David Draffin Door:  Jan Maxwell-Hey, Jim Garden & Aileen Stewart Morning Tea: Sandra Hetherington, Elaine Falconer & Juliet Innes Flowers: Winter Arrangement Wai—iti Road     Worship site Elder on Duty:  Grant Holland Sound:  David Elliott Computer:  Grant Holland […]

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Weekly Notices 3 June 2018

Mission Project:  Bucket Mission and the Retiring Offering donations this morning will go to our Eat Well Fruit & Vege Co-op. TPP Superkids Holiday Programme: –    Calling all interested parties…Join us for an hour of planning, preparation and    prayer on Wed 6 June at 9:15am in the Youth Room at St Stephens.  The holiday programme […]

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Thought For The Week 3 June 2018

It’s quite exciting to be starting this sermon series on Caring for Creation.   It really does feel like one of those “God moments”.  Quite independently several things have come together to allow this preaching series and the accompanying small group studies to happen.  The enthusiasm and  response from the congregation has been genuinely encouraging. Clearly, […]

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