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Worship Duty Roster 8 April 2018

College Road  Worship site Bible & Vestry Elder: Gloria Turner Bible Reader:  Anne Miles Prayers for others:  Ken Falconer Data: Derek Hughes Sound:  David Draffin Door:  June & Berry Mitchell Morning Tea: Helen Dawkins,  Dawn Ussher & Marian Sawers Flowers: Helen Hayes Wai—iti Road Worship site Elder on Duty:  Murray Facer Sound:  Zoe Walker Computer:  […]

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Weekly Notices 1 April 2018

Mission Project:  Bucket Mission at St      Stephens and Retiring Offering at Trinity  next Sunday are raising money for          Refugees resettling in Timaru through the Gleniti Baptist Church. Mission Planning:  Parish Council invite you to join them this Wednesday to pick up our Mission Planning process that we began at the Elder’s Gathering in 2017.  7:00pm, […]

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Thought For The Week 1 April 2018

One of my favourite things about Easter is sharing the Easter story with the kids in my Bible in Schools class.  They are fascinated with the whole thing.  The drama, the mystery, the miracle, the faith. On one level, the Biblical account of the resurrection is full of holes.  Nobody was there and actually saw […]

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