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Thought For The Week 5 November

Wedding bells are ringing for me this weekend as I celebrate the wedding of Charlie Reed and Fiona Hofacher at St. David’s, Cave.  The happy couple have chosen 1 Corinthians 13 as the scripture reading, a firm favourite at weddings.  This reading has two great reflections on love.

First, it reminds us that love is anything but self-serving.  True love always gives before it receives.  We are at our most whole and at our most holy when we enter into the self-giving love of Christ, sharing our own lives for the good of others.

Second, we are reminded that when all else is shaken down and measured out it is love that remains.  All of the great joys and mysteries of life are, at their heart,  grounded in love.  We learn too that love comes first for the love that God has for us and for all of creation, sharing himself with us through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Our love comes from God, and in love we return to God and our love will be made complete.

As spring springs into new life around you, may you take joy in God’s love for you and take courage to share that love with others in your life.


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