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Archive for September, 2017

Thought For The Week 24 September

Phew! The election is over – time for the negotiations to begin to form a government. (Note: I’m writing this on Thursday prior to the election so am assuming no clear winner which is so often the case). It’s certainly been an enlivened election campaign. Last Saturday we held our annual spring plant sale at […]

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Thought For The Week September 17

Once again it is election season.  Once again we have parties and candidates selling us their vision of a better New Zealand and a better world.  Each one will assure you that they have the only right and true answer to our woes.  Each one will assure you that the other lot are misguided and […]

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The LINK September – October 2017

Editorial Welcome to this edition of the Link; I hope you enjoy reading about the latest happenings in our parish life. Spring is in the air and for gardeners things start to get busy with planting and preparing for summer crops and ornamentals. Need something new in your garden? We can help! On Saturday the […]

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Thought For The Week September 10

Welcome to our worship services today. If you are like me you will be feeling a lift in your spirit as we move out of winter into spring. It’s lovely to have more light, colour, fragrance and warmth around us. Next Sunday at Trinity will be the annual spring flower displays which will fill the […]

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Worship Duty Roster 29 October

Combined Worship Duty Roster — 29 October 2017 Wai—iti Road     Worship site Elder on Duty:   Estelle Cormack Sound: Computer:    Readings  Estelle  Cormack Prayer for Others:  Ken  Falconer Cleaning:   Murray & Christine Facer Flowers:   Kit Henshaw Door Duty:  Christine & Murray Facer & Ken Linscott Morning Tea:  Rose Hill & Sharon Gutsell  

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Thought For The Week 3, September

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is the love and care that so many people put into our church.  Whether we’re like Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus, or like Martha, hard at work in the kitchen, our efforts  contribute so much to the life of the church, and to […]

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